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I have spent months sorting supplies, contacting designers, and deciphering confusing and ambiguous Terms of Use documents and I’m done. I’m choosing to spend my time and energy building my new business. So if you design digital scrapbooking kits and your terms and not clear regarding professional use making crafts and scrapping for clients then I simply will not use them. If I have attempted to contact you and not heard back then you don’t want my business. I’m not being mean here, I’m being respectful. In the absence of permission I must presume prohibition. And my limited budget is going toward building my business and purchasing business supplies. Today’s task: clearing all my unusable supplies off my hard drive. I’ll make DVD’s though…if some of those designers change their mind, or get back to me, I’ll be more than happy to reload those kits and use them in my personal and professional scrapbooking projects! I’ll be posting back later with the stats so stay tuned…


Well, I left a few questionable designer folders alone until I can contact them and some store collaborations where I know at least some of the designers allow S4O…but overall I took just over 9 Gigs of scrapbooking supplies off of my hard drive. I did manage to keep over 15 Gigs though so I’m pleasantly surprised to save over half of my stash! Now I’ll have to dig into my stash and scrap some pages to see if I even miss those 9 Gigs or if I need to do more shopping…lol!


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